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Ultimate Party Central bringing your party to life with the newest craze in customized party favors. When you think about wedding or event favors – think about leaving a fun interactive and exciting impression. We know you want your event to be memorable for your guests. Its not a secret, Our FlipBook is the undisputed leader in ease of use, quality, speed, price and custom designed and best of all its tailored for you. Guests get the chance to record a seven-second video. The frames in the video will then be translated to a 60 page customized FlipBook, which gives the illusion of moving images. With the booth’s green screen technology, guests also get to play around with 18 animated and still backgrounds, making the use of props even more fun and interactive. The thrill that comes with recording the quick video builds the anticipation of seeing the fun-filled mini book that will surely leave a lasting impression. Your guests will think of your event each time they flip through their custom flip book

  • Four Hours Of Unlimited Use (Additional Time Available)
  • Participants can make unlimited Flipbooks throughout event
  • Custom design cover
  • Use of props and hand held signs
  • (1) Director Of Film
  • (1) Ultimate Party Central Assistant
  • State of The Art Mobile Green Screen Setup (Available)
  • Studio Lighting
  • Receive Flipbook’s Instantly (within 2-3 minutes after making the video)

With its exciting offers, Flipbooks gives marrying couples the chance to send out unique souvenirs that are truly fun and worth keeping. Customize your flip book covers, adding your own personal touch to each flip book. Covers can be any color and include names, dates, pictures, and much more. If you can dream it, we can create it

Flip books averages 45-60 flipbooks per hour and is versatile enough to fit into any party setting, from casual to couture; Flip’in Out “Flip Books” studio is set up in a 10 x 10 area where guest are invited inside to make a short video clip. They can see themselves dancing acting out a scene, blowing kisses etc.. and within 90 secs the entire process is completed. To learn more on how to create your own personalized custom design fun interactive memorable with Flip’in Out Flip Books please contact us or fill out the free consultation form, we would be happy to customize and cater to your vision.