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There’s many different ways to tell a story, but only through the art of motion picture can true sounds, emotions, and the depth of the story be captured all together. Ultimate Party Central has a deep passion and love for the art of video storytelling and takes storytelling beyond ordinary, plain wedding videos. We transform wedding ceremonies into true love stories that create life long memories.

While your wedding day may be a once in a life time event, the memories last forever. We capture the sight and sound of a new life unfolding in our films to capture the audience and bring them back to the celebration. Our team of videographers are all professionally trained to capture life’s most delicate, sincere moments. Our videos are all unique due to our creative approach to film making, allowing each and every video to be personalized and captivating.

To learn more about our services view some of our video and give us a call to check our availability.

Cinematic Trailer

Our cinematic trailers are a 1-2 minute teaser video that we will edit to your favorite music. We’ll select the most exciting and important moments from your wedding and put them into a cinematic style film. This high definition video (1920×1080 HD) will be uploaded to the internet within two weeks of your wedding day and is perfect to share with your family and friends! ”CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE”

Cinematic Short Film

A cinematic short film is perfect for those who want to enjoy their wedding day but don’t want to view the entire day’s footage. We’ll condense hours of footage into a 8 to 12 minute movie that can easily be viewed by your friends and family. The cinematic style of film will summarize all the major wedding festivities and include voice overs, music, and perfectly selected video scenes. The high definition video (1920×1080 HD) will then be uploaded with granted access for sharing and digital downloading.

Highlight Recap

A recap of the most important elements condensed into one song of your choosing. This is a great option for those that would like to share your event highlights via the internet.

Love Story

If you enjoy the camera and want to have a fun time with your wedding film then a love story is perfect for you! We’ll spend an entire day with you to create a story that captures your love. You’ll act out all the events and moments in the story which makes it fun, exciting, personalized, and will add a special flare to your final wedding films.

Pre-Wedding Interview

Prior to your wedding day, we’ll sit down with the bride and groom to interview you on camera. We’ll incorporate these two interviews into the final wedding video to give it a true cinematic feel.

Save the Date Film

Are you searching for the perfect way to invite your guests to “save the date”? The most captivating way to accomplish this is through a special “Save The Date” film! Our videographers will create a short video clip that you’ll be able to send to all your invitees. This creates a personalized, fun, and interactive way to tell your guests about your special day!

Same Day Edit – The most requested add-on!

Ultimate Party Central’s video editing team can create a same day edit which incorporates critical elements of the wedding, including bride and groom preparations, the grand entrance, and the wedding ceremony. Within a few hours of the event we’ll produce this film and have it fully ready for your guests to view. This 4-7 minute film will highlight the major wedding activities so all your guests can view it on the big screen at your wedding reception. “CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE”

Documentary Style Shoot

While most prefer cinematography, some brides and grooms want to capture all of their wedding festivities through a documentary style film, which is simply a clean edit of all the wedding events. Rather than condense your film down to a trailer or highlight movie, we’ll produce a much longer video containing the majority of your footage. This is the best way to include each and every activity or event from your wedding.

Live Simulcast

If you want your audience to be able to see every little detail of your event on the big screen, then a live simulcast is perfect for you! During the wedding ceremony and/or reception, we’ll supply large projection screens and/or LED video screens as well as a high definition camera that will film all of the live activities taking place and broadcast them onto the screens. This is a fabulous option for larger weddings and receptions or ceremonies with numerous small details that your guests might not otherwise notice.

Trash the Dress Film

You’ve had the time to be formal and elegant in your dress, but now that the wedding day has past you can trash your dress! In a large field, on the beach, or virtually anywhere that suits your taste, we can create a fun film of you trashing your wedding dress. It’s a time for you to finally relax in an informal atmosphere and have a fun time creating more memories. We can also coordinate this session with your photographer.

Cinematography vs Videography

The line that distinguishes videography from cinematography has blurred with the advent of digital cinema. A videographer mostly works with a much smaller level of production overseeing a project from start to finish while a cinematographer works with a larger crew, and shares responsibility with other cinematographers that realize the vision of the director by making technical and artistic decisions in regards to lens choice, exposure, lighting, composition, filters, camera movement to service the the director and the story. Another major contributor has been the popularity of DSLR video cameras, which create a more film-like, cinematic image. Cinematographers opt for narrative-style or “short films” or “story videos”. These short films or highlight videos tend to show little of the actual event (about 10-15 minutes at most) and are edited Hollywood-style in mind. The editing process is more intense and the outcome is gorgeous.  Our suggestion for those that are not sure which best suits them we offer a DSLR videographer that gives 2 types of edits a documentary shoot along with a cinematic highlight  recap. Most of our clients tend to opt for this option.

Certified Cinematographers

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Cinematographer | Editor

Jordan Ortez

Cinematographer | Editor

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Videographer | Editor

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Videographer | Editor

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