Andrew & Julianne’s Wedding @ the Sand Castle in Long Island NY : DJ Nikki K & Mc Rob hosting a Fabulous Celebration – Production Elements: True Intelligent Lighting – Light Up DJ Booth- 2 Led TVs with ( Zap shoots, music videos & montage controlled by Josh). and LED Photo Booth.

This Just in – I was just inform be the videographers that the footage shown here was just the opening well before dinner was even served, That is nuts because it was like that the entire night even through the venetian hour we and I literally mean all of us where on the dance floor the entire night.

Andrew wanted a Club Atmosphere and it was exactly that, an amazing club wedding through the years club appeal approach.
I personally have to say the Sand Castle Staff were fabulous at one point during the even they were able to tap into our TVs with out even physically connecting to them , and every place you turn all TV’s were showing the montage along with the live feed, compliments to the Chief, Food was Delicious.

Furthermore Lawrencephotography  – are truly talented professionals that captured some die hard photos, “can’t  wait to pick some out to share with you all” P.S. The feeling is mutual Lawrence I hope we will be working with you soon, and it seems that are wishes will become true sooner that what we expected.

Even though we got back to New Jersey at 5:00am I would have turned right back around and did it again.

It’s an honor meeting some amazing people in the tri-state area.

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