Versailles Ballroom Wedding Celebration

Love is something that so many strive for.  Passion is what drives our desires to their peaks.

When you mix love and passion, you create something spectacular – something people aspire to achieve or receive.  It is truly something miraculous to watch first hand and that is exactly what we had with Dana & Mike.

On August 15th, 2015, Dana and Mike began their journey as husband and wife at the beautiful Versailles Ball Room in Toms River, NJ.  The day was filled with warm weather, smiling faces and love in the air.  The entire day was proceeding for their moment to say “I-Do” to each other.  As the Versailles Ballroom was preparing the ceremony set up, Dana and Mike were preparing their self written vows.

Ultimate Party Central had a full staff to help plan and execute the perfect wedding.  Our Director Of Photography Tara was taking all of the important shots throughout the entire day along with our Videographer Kevin.  The ceremony was set and ready to proceed. As their guests awaited the arrival of our bridal party, excitement filled the room.  Dana walked down the aisle with her father Steven, glowing in white with tears of joy in her eyes.  They had shared their personally written vows and everyone could feel their happiness with every word.  When they were officially pronounced as husband and wife, they shared a passionate kiss that caused their guests to roar with congratulations.

There moment had finally passed, now it was time to celebrate!  Ultimate Party Central’s very own DJ Nikki K was in charge of rocking the dance floor while he was accompanied by UPC’s Master Of Ceremonies Jon!  It didn’t take long for the crowd to get involved as they clapped their hands, jumped and screamed while our newlyweds walked into the room!  The party never stopped moving.  We had dance circles and singing fill the room all night long. We even threw in the Horah to have a little fun!

August 15, 2015 will be a date that will be remembered not only for Dana and Mike, but also for all of their family and friends.  It truly was a fantastic wedding and we would like to thank Mr. and Mrs.  West for allowing us to be part of their special day! Congratulations!

Production Elements:
Multi-Media : Two 50″ TV Monitors totem polls with music videos, video montage display, zap photos and live feed.

4 Intelligent light fixtures: Controlled and custom designed to accommodate the reception room and elevate the ambience throughout the celebration.

Lounge LED Photo Booth: Fully enclosed lounge style Photo Booth equipped with five performance options and accompanied by props and our signature scrap book.

Ultimate Party Central Event Specialists:
DJ Nikki K.
MC Jon Wood
Technical Support Eugene
Photo Booth Attendant Mike D
Director of Photography Tara
Professional Videographer Kevin