Jessica & Kyle’s wedding was held in Westmount Country Club @ West Paterson NJ. We provided photography and videography services ;  as for entertainment they had the band elegant ensemble. Jessica & Kyle have been high school sweet hearts and while Jessica was planning her wedding she was also pursuing her master degree, so with that said you can understand that Jessica is a multitasker and that was perfect for us. She allowed us to create  some beautiful images and get everything accomplish i without any hesitation. She embraces our quick pace of getting all her formals photos out of the way so we can spend time on artistic and candid shots has she requested. One of the best things of being unintrusive in this wedding in particular was that we had a lively bunch of friend that let it all out during the reception and we were able to capture some fun and interesting candids. Need less to say there are a few here that are some of my favorites.